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At the very top of the fly loft a deck of timber joists spans between giant structural beams, allowing access to the thousands of cables and pulleys.
The primary task was to design an 1,100-seat performance hall with full working fly loft and backstage amenities, including dressing rooms, makeup area, green room, rehearsal hall, receiving area and technical support facilities.
The design concept was to express the building elementally with the auditorium and fly loft boxes de-emphasized in metal while the lobby and gallery spaces were expressed as pavilions with glass walls and arcing wood covering that act as a lantern at night.
Managers believed their experience with knots and raising sails made them ideal for work in the fly loft, an area above the stage where scenery is raised and lowered.
A restaurant is tucked under the rake of the stalls seating on the first floor, and a lettable entertainment suite shares the top floor with the theatre's fly loft.