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angling with an artificial fly as a lure

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This year's titles include "Chasing Salty Dreams," about exotic destinations and monster species in Australia; "Along the Way," documenting an epic adventure across Canada; "MTK," a look at Montauk, the epicenter of fly fishing in the Northeast; "The Hog," a couple's disastrous trip to northern British Columbia; "The Pursuit," fly-fishing for trophy muskie; "Foundations," in which four individuals come together for the first time to fish Montana's Bighorn River; "Wide Open," a search for hard-pulling tuna; "Arctic Unicorns," a hunt for the most colored-up circus clown salmonids in British Columbia, Alaska and the Arctic Circle; "Gold Fever," running wild water in California's Sierra in search of big wild brown trout; and "Good as Ever," a look at the state of fly fishing.
The company said its Simple Fly Fishing campaign aims to demystify fly fishing and make the sport more accessible by offering simple gear, easy techniques and basic teachings for all ages and skill levels.
To learn more about Tailwaters and view the recently launched website and to browse through fly fishing products, fly fishing schools, and educational resources please feel free to visit http://www.
Utah is home to numerous fly fishing spots just a few hours drive from downtown Salt Lake.
The Caer Beris retreat was only the third to be held in the UK and participants were instructed by members of the Welsh Ladies Fly Fishing Team as they went fishing for the first time at Llyn Gwyn fishery near Rhayader.
Member Bill Creitz switched to fly fishing after more than 40 years of traditional fishing.
Also ideal for beginners are the two day Stillwater Fly Fishing course (pounds 205) and a weekend Beginners' 'Quickie' Course (pounds 225).
Fly fishing anglers repeatedly stress the art of their sport--the process of Wing, reading the river and casting--above the catching.
The 16-year-old champ won a place in the England Youth Fly Fishing Team and will compete in tournaments across the world.
The World Fly Fishing Championships and regular Home Fly-fishing Internationals have helped to establish an international reputation for the fishery.
A-level student Lucy has been a devotee of fly fishing for almost seven years, but she has never met another teenage female enthusiast.
In any case, Arnold is a passionate and graceful writer; and he makes a brave attempt to unify these six wide-ranging meditations on John 21 (where the risen Jesus meets his disciples by the Sea of Galilee) through the metaphor of fly fishing.
Made by BT's Fly Fishing Products, Delta, (888) 243-3597 www.
He has taught fly fishing to millions around the world through ifims, writings, television, and personal appearances.