fly ash

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fine solid particles of ash that are carried into the air when fuel is combusted

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Fired fly ash bricks were also studied and produced in Germany, England etc.
CalStar's Fly Ash Bricks and Pavers have been recognized as an Editor's Pick in Architectural Record as an outstanding new building product of 2010.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Fly Ash bricks conforming to IS 12894:2002& IS3495 or equivalent of class designation 100A FOR basis for the construction of Bihar police Academy Project at Rajgir, Nalanda , Bihar.
M&L Brick Work with fly ash bricks ( FALB ) conforming to IS 12894 size 230x110x75mm , ( strength M-10 ), straight or curved on plan exc 6m mean radius built in CM (1:6) all as specified and directed by Engr-in-Charge.
Largely due to the 1,100[degrees]C heating needed to convert clay into brick, he says, "The embodied energy in a single clay brick is about 6,000 BTUs, and we expect the fly ash bricks to be well under 1,000 BTUs.
Earlier, when the cement unit near Lehra Mohabat thermal plant was being set up, about 20 million clay fly ash bricks were produced by the plant authorities using fly ash from the plant.