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Synonyms for flyaway

guided by whim and fancy

(of hair or clothing) worn loose

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Boarding passes for Let's Fly Away are free and can be obtained from www.
When researchers, who were approaching foraging magpies, looked directly at the magpies, the magpies took the decisions faster regardless of whether the final decision was to return to foraging or to fly away and whether the stress or danger perceived by a magpie was low or high.
The poor thing managed to fly away to a tree but the plastic trap got tangled in the branches.
ATCi's Fly Away solutions indicate the Company's commitment to responding to customer requirements by delivering customized, turn-key systems," Muakkit concluded.
We've had problems with seagulls recently, they come in and swoop down on eggs and fly away.
Ms Dolisznyj, who was originally from Bentilee in Stoke-on-Trent, said: 'Determination, never taking 'no' for an answer and loyal support from staff and customers are the key reasons why Fly Away has been transformed from a cottage industry into the company it is today.
To catch a meal that can fly away in the blink of an eye, a Venus flytrap has to be speedy.
Lenny Kravitz's song Fly Away provided the backdrop for the Nissan's original Xterra commercials.
EVERY winter I suffer from fly away hair which is a real nightmare during the party season.
You've got to fight to survive before you fly away to heaven--but along the way, take the time to put on some great jazz music and shake your booty.
Most insects big enough to be a good snack for predators can fly away, but this phasmid had evolved on islands without such predators.
Now, why don't you go on and fly away like a cuckoo bird, and find somebody else to tell your crazy stories to?
Fly Away is the latest in a line of hits boosted by ads.
Fly Away Home is the story of a young girl who teaches a gaggle of orphaned Canadian geese to migrate south for the winter and, in the process, finds her own way home.