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someone who plays the flute

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When I attend the National Flute Conference," she states, "I see that about 90 percent of the flute players who participate are women
On arrival, guests will be greeted by witches, wizards and magicians, while the music will be supplied by pipers, clarsach and flute players.
Warwick Girls Band is appealing for clarinet and flute players to sign up for a 10-day tour starting on August 19.
As an artist he is part of a growing legion of "new" flute players.
Sylvain Barou - considered one of the best flute players of his generation - will perform with the Sylvain Barou Trio at the Alliance Franiaise de Bahrain, Isa Town, on January 16.
And she has certainly done that with this group of flute players who rehearse and Wilshaw Village Hall and welcome flute players to develop their skills and play together.
Flute players still live with their mothers when they're 30," joked Corey Lanini, 23, a senior jazz studies major, who, incidentally, plays both the sax and the flute.
More than 25 concerts will be given in the Town Hall and the Guild Chapel over the next two weeks, with 25 more elsewhere in the community, all given by exceptional young flute players from twelve different countries.
He said: "Mr Snowden was, and still is, regarded as one of the country's leading flute players.
Indeed, we can hear today's best baroque flute players performing and recording Handel's "recorder" sonatas quite convincingly.
A number of performers will each have a slot, including french horn players, singers, flute players and pianists.
Then she introduced Peruvian flute players, opera singers and rappers.
The Valley Flutes is a musical ensemble made up entirely of flute players.
It is an ensemble devoted entirely to encouraging flute players which is in itself unusual.
Young flute players have achieved success at Skipton Music Festival.