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any of several breeds of small to medium-sized gun dogs with a long silky coat and long frilled ears

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Similarly, and not to overstate the obvious, it makes little sense to take a young flushing spaniel to a trainer who has made his/her name in pointing dog circles, despite that trainer's potential aptitude with flushers.
Flushing spaniels, built to "flush out" game from dense undergrowth, with furry legs to protect them from thorns, and short limbs to help them get underneath obstacles, include the English cocker spaniel and springer spaniel.
Other types of dogs, such as the flushing spaniels, have successfully brought lots of grouse and woodcock to bag, it's true.
Six of the Top 10 breeds in Iowa's capital city - including flushing spaniels, pointing breeds and retrievers - hail from the Sporting group," says AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson.
As I watched the dogs run, I also began to realize, with more clarity than ever before, the impact that these modern-day trial conditions are having on our flushing spaniels on the whole.