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But despite these youthful scoffings and embar- rassments, they knew that their faces were deeply flushing from thrills of pleasure.
Flushing was a man who kept an old furniture shop; he had always said he would not marry because most women have red cheeks, and would not take a house because most houses have narrow staircases, and would not eat meat because most animals bleed when they are killed; and then he had married an eccentric aristocratic lady, who certainly was not pale, who looked as if she ate meat, who had forced him to do all the things he most disliked-- and this then was the lady.
Flushing lived in one of the most beautiful old houses in England--Chillingley," Mrs.
Flushing on the ground that her orange plume did not suit her complexion, that she spoke too loud, that she crossed her legs, and finally, when he saw her accept a cigarette that Hewet offered her, he jumped up, exclaiming something about "bar parlours," and left them.
Flushing rose to go she was obviously delighted with her new acquaintances.
Mamma," she said, flushing hotly and turning quickly to her, "please, please don't say anything about that.
Never, mamma, none," answered Kitty, flushing a little, and looking her mother straight in the face, "but there's no use in my telling you anything, and I.
There is not,' said Mr Podsnap, flushing angrily, 'there is not a country in the world, sir, where so noble a provision is made for the poor as in this country.
But Mr Podsnap felt that the time had come for flushing and flourishing this meek man down for good.
Besides,' said Mr Podsnap, flushing high up among his hair- brushes, with a strong consciousness of personal affront, 'the subject is a very disagreeable one.
Flushing like a sunset--she had been told, no doubt.
The firm relocated from another building in Flushing.
Flushing Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: FFIC), the parent holding company for Flushing Savings Bank, FSB, announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Atlantic Liberty Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ALFC), and its subsidiary Atlantic Liberty Savings, FA, based in Brooklyn, New York.
The property now contains Muss' Flushing Light Industrial Center, only challenge in the boroughs, Muss said, there is also cost .
Flushing Financial Corporation (Nasdaq: FFIC), the parent holding company for Flushing Savings Bank, FSB, today announced that on November 22, 2005 the Board of Directors declared a quarterly dividend on its common stock of $0.