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a nonflammable inhalation anesthetic that produces general anesthesia

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These included Terylene, the first polyester fibre; MDI, a key element of poly-urethane foam, and fluothane, which in 1953 superseded chloroform and ether to become the most commonly used anaesthetic in the world.
All animals were killed 24 hr after the last dose by an overdose of fluothane followed by cervical dislocation.
The products range consists of Tenormin, Inderal, Zestril and Etizem (cardiovascular; Nolvadex and Zoladex (anti-cancer), Fluothane and Diprivan (anaesthesia); Hibiscrub and Hibicet (antiseptics); Proxen and Synflex (NSAIDs) and Meronem (antibiotic).
Twenty-four hours after the final dose, animals were killed by an overdose of Fluothane (AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals) followed by cervical dislocation.
Clinical evaluation of Fluothane with special reference to a controlled percentage vaporiser.