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a nonflammable inhalation anesthetic that produces general anesthesia

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The products range consists of Tenormin, Inderal, Zestril and Etizem (cardiovascular; Nolvadex and Zoladex (anti-cancer), Fluothane and Diprivan (anaesthesia); Hibiscrub and Hibicet (antiseptics); Proxen and Synflex (NSAIDs) and Meronem (antibiotic).
Twenty-four hours after the final dose, animals were killed by an overdose of Fluothane (AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals) followed by cervical dislocation.
Clinical evaluation of Fluothane with special reference to a controlled percentage vaporiser.
Suckling CW Some chemical and physical factors in the development of fluothane.
Fluothane was also expensive and these two facts immediately presented a challenge in terms of equipment.