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examination of body structures using a fluoroscope

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It was recognized that changes in fluoroscopic procedures due to the new training program are not the only potential cause for a reduction in staff doses.
Fifteen percent of these acquisitions represent additional rather than replacement systems, suggesting growth per site in fluoroscopic procedure volume.
About ControlRad Systems ControlRad Systems (CRS) is a medical device company developing innovative products that have the potential to dramatically reduce the risks of procedure related radiation exposure for patients, physicians, and all healthcare providers associated with fluoroscopic procedures, while maintaining if not improving image quality and workflow.
The Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Radiologic Health has published a proposed rule declaring that ARNPs may supervise of fluoroscopic procedures pursuant to the Board of Nursing rule.
There have been sentinel events documenting extremely high doses of radiation during single fluoroscopic procedures.
The radiolucent top, which permits AP and lateral imaging, supplies 58" imaging coverage and panning capability, with 10" longitudinal movement, while the Procedural Stretcher's generous 48" x 34" frame opening easily accommodates a C-Arm for fluoroscopic procedures.
Normally, this search for the best angle would be made with fluoroscopic procedures involving more X-ray dose and higher volumes of contrast media.
It also supports full-motion video for real-time fluoroscopic procedures.
Features include the latest EPS-Plus[TM] Digital Imaging System - an all-digital processing system designed to shorten exam times and reduce the costs of film, handling and storage associated with conventional R&F fluoroscopic procedures.
a medical device company developing innovative products that dramatically reduce damaging radiation exposure to patients and physicians during fluoroscopic procedures, announced today that industry expert Guillaume Bailliard has been named Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors.
Even within a single subspecialty such as abdominal imaging, those performing fluoroscopic procedures (eg, upper gastrointestinal contrast studies) earn fewer RVUs than those interpreting abdominal CT examinations.