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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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In effect, the colloidal gold particle replaces the fluorophore from any other DNA or RNA probe as a 5' or 3' end tag.
The skin chromophore maps are calculated from the four spectral images, and the perfusion map and fluorophore distribution map--from the video-images taken at green and ultraviolet illumination of the skin, respectively.
The lack of fluorophore leakage from FF beads during magnetic separation indicates that all fluorophores are retained firmly inside the polymer of the beads.
3), the relative QY of QD605 modified with CD14 was measured using fluorescein as the reference fluorophore with a known quantum yield of 0.
Microscopy Conditions for Fluorescence Imaging Using Confocal Microscopy Acquisition Channel Fluorophore Used in Excitation Laser This Study DAPI NA 405 nm FITC FITC 473 nm Texas Red Texas Red 559 nm Far red Alexa 633 635 nm Acquisition Channel Emission Image Display Color DAPI 425-525 Blue FITC 485-585 Green Texas Red 570-670 Red Far red 650-750 Red Abbreviations: DAPI, 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole;FITC, fluorescein isothiocyanate; NA, not applicable.
In our setting "reconstruction" has the following meaning: The true density of the fluorophores in a xy-plane perpendicular to the optical axis and of distance z from the microscopic lense is estimated using the data of the set of CLSM-slices which are closer to the lense.
To demonstrate the movement, the researchers attached a fluorophore, or light-emitter, to one end of the nanomotor and a quencher, which can quench the emitting light, to the other end.
In this work, we employed AuNRs as substrates to enhance the fluorophore AlexaFluor 750 for DNA detection.
In the study researchers used FDOT with fluorophore indocyanine green, or ICG, to examine breast tissue.
Three specific areas of the FRET calpastatin biosensor research are in progress: (1) calibration and threshold level detection of "tender" or "tough," (2) packaging of the biosensor into a compact unit, and (3) investigating other FRET fluorophore pairs with longer/shorter Forster's distance that may lead to enhanced energy transfers.
The company's indicator is based on a platinum group metal (PGM) fluorophore (or optionally, a chromophore) complex that is delivered in a tag or label format.
If we wish to observe a sample for the presence or absence of a particular nucleic acid sequence, such as a DNA region coding for a particular gene, we prepare a short single-stranded DNA probe complementary to our sequence of interest and conjugate a fluorophore of choice to the probe.
The pendant alkyne can be derivatized with an azide-containing tag, such as a fluorophore or biotin, via a Cu(I) catalyzed “Click” reaction allowing the prenylated proteins to be identified and quantified.
Hyperspectral imaging is a recent technique that permits quantitative delineation of multiple labels by filtering and measuring the fluorescence emission spectrum of each fluorophore.