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a halocarbon in which some hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine

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Although scientists usually require months to analyze data and review each other's work, says Watson, the participants agreed to work collectively in order to expediently inform policymakers who are considering limiting the production of fluorocarbons.
Among other requirements, the "Act for Partial Revision of the Act on Ensuring the Implementation of Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons concerning Designated Products," requires that entities manufacturing and importing air conditioning and refrigeration units transition to either fluorocarbon-free refrigerants or low global warming fluorocarbons by certain target years.
The role of fluorocarbons in both stratospheric ozone protection and global climate change has generated a need for governments, policymakers, and scientists to understand the scope of the industry, usage patterns, business sector volumes, and their value to society," stated Dave Stirpe, Alliance Executive Director.
By reducing fuel consumption, fluorocarbons directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heating, cooling and electrical power generation, and are cost-effective for the end user compared with fluorocarbon alternatives.
Table 27: European Market for Fluorocarbons (2000-2005):
Injected into the blood stream, these bubbles, filled with fluorocarbons, act as a red blood cell tracer.
Computer modeling studies performed by researchers at SUNY/UB with SONUS' perfluoropentane emulsion have indicated that this gaseous fluorocarbon is much more effective than liquid fluorocarbons for delivering oxygen.
The Anso nylon brand is one part of Honeywell's specialty materials strategic business unit, a world leader in the production of nylon, polyesters, polyethylene, fluorocarbons, caprolactam and specialty electronic materials.
28, 1995) directed to methods for using fluorocarbons and other gases in ultrasound contrast imaging and claims ultrasound contrast media containing free gas microbubbles of a biocompatible fluorocarbon, with a "Q" factor greater than 30.
Dicciani will lead Honeywell's global portfolio of specialty materials such as nylon, polyester, polyethylene, fluorocarbons, caprolactam and specialty and fine chemicals.
Saab's advanced engineering vehicle also includes the Swedish automaker's recently developed freon-free air conditioning system, which utilizes an ozone-friendly refrigerant called HFC-134a that is void of chlorinated fluorocarbons (CFC's).
Honeywell Specialty Materials has sales of $4 billion and is a world leader in the production of nylon, polyester, polyethylene, fluorocarbons, caprolactam and specialty and electronic materials.
He will be responsible for all business aspects of the company's fluorocarbons operations including enhancing customer services, conducting market research, maximizing business efficiencies and continuing cost control efforts.
In this new position, LeBlanc will have responsibility for growth projects related to both alumina and fluorocarbons products.
HF itself is used as a fluorine feedstock in a wide range of downstream fluorochemicals, including feedstock fluorocarbons for use in fluoropolymers, and non-feedstock fluorocarbons for fluorine refrigerants.