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a nonmetallic univalent element belonging to the halogens

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The PIPSMA block anchors the molecule to hydroxyl groups on the surface of the cotton, while the fluorinated PFOEMA group gives the desired low-energy surface.
In addition to removal of PER for TSV formation, Dynaloy has developed a cleaning solution for removal of polymers and fluorinated residue after the new plasma dicing process.
2013, 2015) expressed concerns that fluorinated replacements are similar to the PFASs they replaced in terms of their chemical structure, environmental persistence, and hazardous potential for both the environment and humans.
Daikin offers a variety of fluorinated materials worldwide through its subsidiary Daikin Chemical France S.
van Poznak A, Artusio JE Anesthetic properties of a series of fluorinated compounds.
6) With both hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics, the fluorinated portions of the polymer tend to migrate to the surface of the coating, providing the desired properties.
In the run-up to the stricter environmental standards coming into force in 2011, France's Arkema, a world leader in fluorinated gases, has developed Forane 1234yf, a new fluorinated fluid with a low GWP designed to gradually replace HFC 134a currently used in automotive air-conditioning circuits.
Specifically, the present invention relates to a rubber composition comprises a rubber component containing diene rubber and fluorinated graphite and a pneumatic tire using the rubber composition.
Fluorinated copolymers are known to have many useful and desirable features, such as high thermal, aging, and weather resistance; excellent inertness to solvents, acids, and alkalis; and oil and water repellency due to the low polarizability and the strong electronegativity of the fluorine atom.
12,080,058 discloses the process required for applying organophosphorus acids having a fluorinated constituent to cutting tools and razors.
The fatty phase comprises at least 30% by weight, relative to the total weight of the emulsion, of a volatile fatty phase comprising at least 6% by weight, relative to the total weight of the emulsion, of at least one volatile hydrocarbon oil; and at least one volatile oil chosen from volatile silicone oils and volatile fluorinated oils.
The plant will be fully adaptable for future expansion, including overall capacity and high-performance and fluorinated polymers.
Fluorinated heterocyclic compounds; synthesis, chemistry, and applications.
Working under the sponsorship of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the research team developed a method that "separates metallic and semiconducting nanotubes by attaching fluorinated molecules to their walls," a spokeswoman says, adding that the intended result is to eliminate short-outs in transistors.
Although a range of more readily handled and selective fluorinating agents is available, in many cases the target molecule may be more conveniently attained in fewer steps by utilizing fluorinated building blocks available from commercial sources, among which Alfa Aesar offers one of the largest ranges.