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Outbreak of acute fluoride poisoning caused by a fluoride overfeed, Mississippi, 1993.
The effects of endemic fluoride poisoning caused by coal burning on the physical development and intelligence of children.
I have suffered the agony of 40 years' serious illness due to fluoride poisoning.
The possibility of fluoride poisoning isn't my only worry about drinking water.
write, "Although fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in animal models and acute fluoride poisoning causes neurotoxicity in adults, very little is known of its effects on children's neurodevelopment.
They had only been there a couple of weeks and it was instantly recognisable that they were suffering from fluoride poisoning,' she said.
Try convincing my friends of the benefits when they see the smiles of their children - teeth discoloured and pitted due to dental fluorosis, in other words fluoride poisoning.
Despite valiant efforts, he died of hydrogen fluoride poisoning within two weeks.