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lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material

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Enhanced Beam Angle -- With an elevated printed circuit board within the lens, this DK LED tube increase the spread of light to more closely match the beam angle of fluorescent tubes more so than many of the other more directional LED tubes.
Compared to fluorescent tube lighting, these new LED panel lights from GlacialLight produce a smooth, bright light across the entire LED panel, creating more pleasant and even area illumination with less flicker and glare.
Accidentally inserting a fluorescent tube into a linear fixture that has been rewired for the single-ended LED tube will create an electrical short, which poses a hazard to the personnel changing out the LED tube.
Nothing will happen when a maintenance person mistakenly replacing an EasiRetrofit tube with a fluorescent tube.
Made LED tubes replace fluorescent tubes to SAVE 50% on energy for federal, state and local governments.
4% 24 W T5 fluorescent Tube light (Crompton/ Bajaj / Osram / Philips) 25 Nos
Titled icon IV (the pure land), it copied an earlier construction (now lost), a Formica square topped horizontally by a single fluorescent tube.
Moreover Flavin's lamp, a material thing (a fact highlighted by the presence, in many works, of the electric cord and supporting pan) is a luminous thing too: the fluorescent tube gives off a light that exceeds the thing itself, even if it does not entirely dissolve it.
Prior to the PowerShot S100, digital cameras typically used a flat fluorescent tube for the LCD backlight.
Tenders are invited for Indoor Type Energy Efficient 1X28 Watt T-5 Fluorescent Tube Light Luminaries With High Frequency Electronic Ballast As Per Technical Details And Specification No: Clw/Cph/L/001 Without 1X28 Watt T-5 Fluorescent Tube Light.
Our patented circuitry enables our products to operate in existing fluorescent fixtures without modifications, allowing users to simply remove an existing fluorescent tube and drop in the ilumisys replacement, saving energy and money over time," said Dave Simon, president of ilumisys.
Specifically, the submission covers DUSA's 20% Levulan(R) (aminolevulinic acid HCl) Kerastick(TM) applicator, and its Blu-U(TM) fluorescent tube illuminator, for use in the treatment of multiple actinic keratoses (AKs) of the face and scalp.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Spares for Fluorescent tube Fittings
Patented circuitry enables ilumisys MK1 LEDs to operate in existing fluorescent fixtures, without modifications to the fixtures or ballasts, allowing users to simply remove an existing fluorescent tube and drop in the ilumisys MK1 product.
The lamps can be used in either open or enclosed (IP65) fittings and are identified by a single green band around one end of the fluorescent tube.
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