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lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material

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As an example, Scarfo says, "A large high-rise office building that switches out 1,500, 3-lamp fixtures from standard fluorescent light bulbs to Watt-Miser[R] fluorescent light bulbs, utilizing the UltraMax[R] ballast, could avoid 24 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually on the U.
KEMP, Texas, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Larson Electronics has announced today the release of an explosion proof fluorescent light designed to provide high output and battery powered operation in the event of power failures.
Each morning, a special lamp delivers a half-hour of intense fluorescent light as she eats breakfast or reads.
Monument 7 in cool white fluorescent light memorializes Vladimir Tatlin, the great revolutionary, who dreamed of art as science.
As always, explosion proof fluorescent lights by Larson Electronics always ship with the lamps to save time for the installer.
When the sunlight and fibers are bright, the fluorescent lights cut their output.
The lighting can be collapsed and packed with the shelter, eliminating additional setup and teardown troops must currently perform with fluorescent lights, which present many hazards.
Power-Save offers a solution to these problems using patented technology for controlling all Compact Fluorescent Lights (non-dimmable and dimmable) and Fluorescent Linear Tubes (T12, T8, T5, circular) with non-dimmable ballasts.
And unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs contain no mercury.
Because they are lighted by fluorescent lights, Luminite signs eliminate the need for transformers and other devices used to keep neon signs glowing.
To help customers save even more energy, LADWP will provide a free "six pack" of compact fluorescent lights, a $50 retail value, when they turn in their spare refrigerator for recycling.
May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- As the nation is increasingly turning to energy efficient fluorescent lights in order to reduce the use of extremely inefficient incandescent lighting products, consumer health advocate and outspoken environmentalist Mike Adams is warning the public about the mercury content of fluorescent lights.
Yet, in all this time there is never a mention of the biggest mercury hazard we face today: fluorescent lights.
Depending on the intensity of the natural light filtering into the store, incandescent and fluorescent lights automatically dim or turn up.
For two of the corridors, Flavin places fluorescent lights at mid-point to bar the viewer from passing through them.
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