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lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material

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The researcher discovered that cool white fluorescent lighting proves to be detrimental to the learning process of the students.
LED lighting also boasts significantly better environmental compatibility than traditional fluorescent lighting with mercury vapors.
The commercial fluorescent lighting market is driven by growing industrialization, reduced installation cost, extended products' life, low maintenance cost and rising population.
We currently have a huge amount of installed fluorescent lighting across Europe.
Terming the lighting technology as an 'environmental time-bomb', Vic Andrews warned that fluorescent lighting could cause greater problems further down, despite their energy efficiency.
Wedam for taking the time to concisely explain fluorescent lighting and its physiology in the October 2010 Townsend Letter.
When set at a 50% dimmer, LEDge Light lasts as long as 11 years as compared to 2-1/2 years for most fluorescent lighting.
In addition, waste has been reduced through recycling, reusable dinnerware, and hazardous waste has been reduced through the use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies and laundry detergents, through proper disposal of fluorescent lighting, and recycling of portable rechargeable batteries and cell phones.
Many are outfitted with improved fluorescent lighting technology and use less energy while generating the equivalent of 400 watts of light from the uplight.
Fluorescent lighting in chip factories creates tiny, possibly troublesome welts on the silicon used to make microcircuits, new experiments suggest.
To learn more about the benefits of Energy Star lighting and compact fluorescent lighting in general, please visit the Energy Star website at www.
Its enclosure has fluorescent lighting, sound-absorbing foam lining, and access doors at the front and rear.
Controlling the brightness of individual tubes has consistently provided a challenge for designers of fluorescent lighting systems the tube is either fully on or fully off.
Available in white and black, the fluorescent lighting can be linked adjacent to each other or up to a distance of 48 in.
Depending on how sensitive a product is to UV radiation, lower levels may provide adequate protection against the adverse effects of fluorescent lighting in supermarkets and stores.
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