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lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material

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EcoWaste Coalition's Project Protect coordinator Thony Dizon said the group chanced upon the pile of busted linear fluorescent lamps, which were illegally disposed of along with construction debris and other garbage at the street corner.
Both LM-65-14 and LM-66-14 have been written by the IES Subcommittee on Photometry of Light Sources of the IES Testing Procedures Committee to develop consistency and uniformity in testing fluorescent lamps among various laboratories.
In the last decade, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have been widely promoted as a key alternative to replace incandescent lamps.
Of the study schools, 18% had informal guidelines regarding storage of fluorescent lamps before use (64% had none and 18% were 'not sure'), 9% had informal guidelines for cleaning of spillage from broken lamps (82% none, 9% 'not sure'), and 9% and 14% had informal guidelines for storage and disposal, respectively, of lamps after use (82% and 77% none, 9% 'not sure' for both).
Some LED lamps are made to replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps directly.
13 September 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL yesterday said it had kept the BB+/"stable" rating assigned to a cash credit limit and a term loan of Indian compact fluorescent lamps maker Compact Lamps Pvt Ltd.
Andrew, at the People's Church complex, some 5,000 compact fluorescent lamps have been exchanged; lamps are also being distributed in other centers.
Commercially available luminaires with energy-saving three-band fluorescent lamps are in practice deployed in many ways both in indoor and also in outdoor areas.
Fluorescent lamps are notoriously fragile and are prone to accidental breakage during routine maintenance and cleaning--processes undertaken with great regularity to ensure a clean and hygienic manufacturing and testing environment for pharmaceuticals.
Existing lighting fixtures were retrofit with three LED solid state tube lamps to replace the existing T-8 fluorescent lamps.
Summary: SIDON: Southerners are hoping that the introduction of new compact fluorescent lamps, which have been distributed by the Energy and Water Resources Ministry over the past few months will help stop the frequent power cuts in the region.
The project was officially launched in November 2008 and completed in February 2009, and involved the upgrade from the school's previous system of 30-watt fluorescent lamps to more efficient 25-watt fluorescent lamps from Philips Lighting Company.
General-service fluorescent lamps must be 15 percent more efficient than current baseline models.
said Thursday it has developed a technology to produce electrode glass for fluorescent lamps without using environmentally harmful lead.
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