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lamp consisting of a tube coated on the inside with a fluorescent material

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HACCP is another good practice method to plan out potential risks, by conducting hazard analysis and identifying critical control points, such as fluorescent lamps.
The Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Action Plan is part of the $9 million, National Action Plan dedicated to the promotion of energy-efficient lighting, solar water heating, and efficient public street lighting, launched by Energy and Water Resources Ministry.
Offering direct replacement for conventional, energy-wasting incandescent bulbs, UIDEA compact fluorescent lamps are the same size as the lamps they replace while offering a life of up to 15,000 hours for double external radiators and high quality chipsets.
While the DOE asserts the new efficiency requirements will save money over the life of the lamp, they estimate that the upfront costs of fluorescent lamps will increase as much as 13-fold, and IRLs will cost up to 64 percent more than today's lamps.
Matsushita also announced a plan to increase the use of glass from recycled fluorescent lamps to 53 million tons a year in fiscal 2010 from 600 tons in fiscal 2007.
On top of delivering brightness equivalent to conventional fluorescent lighting devices equipped with twin 40-watt straight-tube fluorescent lamps, they offer power consumption about 25% lower than fluorescent lights as well as high energy efficiency performance based on a luminaire efficacy[2] of 74 lumens/W, the highest in the industry for LED Lightings[3].
Cavotec ME, the Middles East's exclusive distributor of Aura Light International AB, the global leader in Long Life lighting technology, today announces the launch of compact fluorescent lamps, as part of their Long Life light source series.
In creating the program, Ace, DES and Public Service of New Hampshire teamed up to create a system to collect, consolidate and recycle spent fluorescent lamps generated by homeowners and small businesses in New Hampshire and Vermont.
When it comes to lighting, the food industry has two choices, either closed shatter-protected luminaires or shatter-resistant fluorescent lamps.
Although individual fluorescent lamps contain only a small amount of mercury, the potential for mercury overexposures still exists, depending on the number of lamps processed and the subsequent concentrations of residues prior to recycling.
The three separately switchable, compact fluorescent lamps in red, green and blue, not only produce these primary colours, but also three secondary-colour pastel shades and one shade of white.
The project was initially hindered by fluorescent lamps costing 30 times more than standard lights.
In contrast, four macaque monkeys that had been raised in a room illuminated by sunlight and fluorescent lamps recognized colors in a variety of lighting conditions.
The system is comprised of 16 high resolution area scan CCD cameras arranged across the web, two high frequency fluorescent lamps for lighting, six frame grabbers with three cameras per frame grabber operating concurrently, a high speed Windows 2000 computer(s) for processing data and for HMI (operator interface control), and a 17" touchscreen HMI.
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