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a yellow dye that is visible even when highly diluted

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Sheets from bleached wood pulp were prepared after fluorescein sodium was added, together with solutions of transition metals as well as methyl cellulose, cellulose sulfate, starch, and kaolin.
BCLA president Dr Catharine Chisholm (pictured) told members: "The situation is obviously changing as we wait for the imminent EU Commission ruling on whether all fluorescein sodium should have their classification changed to CE marked only.
Trademarked by the business in 1987, B+L was the sole UK producer of fluorescein sodium ophthalmic strips.
463 Table 10: Stains Generic name Rxs (thousands) % Fluorescein Sodium 0.
Contract awarded for fluorescein sodium road 10 o 25, 12 units bottle (j-0776 oftalmologia coex)