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study of the mechanical properties of fluids that are not in motion

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of Memphis) presents thirteen chapters covering fundamental concepts, fluid statics, base equations of fluid mechanics, dimensional analysis and dynamical similitude, flow in closed conduits, flow over immersed bodies, flow in open channels, compressible flow, turbomachinery, measurements in fluid mechanics, the Navier-Stokes equations, inviscid flow, and boundary-layer flow.
Among the topics are the second law of thermodynamics, fluid statics, steady-state conduction, and free or natural conduction.
The book begins with an introduction to water treatment systems and hydraulics and explains the basic concepts of fluid properties, fluid statics, and fluid flow.
The authors cover fluid statics, elementary field dynamics (the Bernoulli equation), fluid kinematics, finite control volume analysis, differential analysis of fluid flow, similitude, dimensional analysis, modeling, viscous flow in pipes, flow over immersed bodies, open-channel flow, compressible flow, and turbomachines, with extensive appendices supporting the text review problems.
The topics are fluid properties, fluid statics, flowing fluids and pressure variation, the control volume approach and the continuity equation, momentum equation, the energy equation, dimensional analysis and similitude, surface resistance, flow in conduits, drag and lift, compressible flow, flow measurements, turbomachinery, and flow in open channels.