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relating to fluids at rest or to the pressures they exert or transmit


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From the laboratory measurements conducted on the hydro-pneumatic suspension strut, it is shown that the diffusion of gas into the oil yields graduation reduction in mean fluid pressure until saturation.
The fluid pressure nearby the perfectly drained boundary, where the load is applied, might undergo a steep gradient.
With the analytical model of friction coefficient determining, it is in the function of the dimensions: workpiece material, workpiece wall thickness, fluid pressure and deformation ratio.
This is because during tripping out, large hole diameter allows the drilling fluid to rapidly fill in the place which was occupied by the drillstring, therefore the formation pore fluid pressure is easily controlled and avoid blowouts.
Bernoulli's principle is commonly cited as the reason for this: Fluid pressure is inversely related to fluid velocity--as velocity increases, pressure decreases, creating lift.
Icare specialises in tonometers, instruments for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP), or the fluid pressure inside the eye.
It usually occurs when fluid pressure inside the eye slowly increases over time.
Instead, they are designed with a pair of meshed (geared) oval rotors that rotate under fluid pressure in an engineered measuring chamber.
For instance, the failed o-rings showed no evidence of pressure-related extrusion failure; when the fluid pressure exceeds the strength of the material, the rubber is forced into the clearance gap between the mating parts, leaving an area of "chewed up" rubber.
These stresses are affected by blank geometry, fluid pressure, viscosity of fluid and process parameters.
It is described as an intrinsically safe closure because it uses the fluid pressure in the pipeline or vessel to secure the door of the hub.
As the fluid pressure increases within the impeller, the vapor bubble may implode--causing localized damage to the impeller.
A decrease in cerebrospinal fluid pressure may result in an endolymphatic hydrops through a patent cochlear aqueduct or through the fundus of the internal auditory canal.
Fluid pressure increase in the stamping unit gives additional changes to the strained state of the billet.