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study of the mechanics of fluids

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Eight experiments in fluid physics will be conducted in the orbital module, and the other experiments will be conducted in the reentry capsule, which is designed to return to Earth after 12 days in orbit.
But fluid physics changes dramatically as the scale changes, unlike microelectronics where transistors have become smaller and smaller, to the point of single-electron transistors with the same physics, as one review article from Caltech researchers in 2005 points out.
and McEligot, 2001, "Measurements of Fundamental Fluid Physics of SNF Storage Canisters," INEEL/EXT-01-01269, September 2001.
By decoupling fluid physics from the system's functionality, the HNC100-3x lets engineers program their hydraulic drives as if they were servos, according to Bosch Rexroth's new technologies development manager, Michael Liedhegener.
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in August began a series of fluid physics experiments, and it plans to run other investigations, ranging from crystal growth to microgravity effects on human, animal and plant cells.
GRC is engaged in research, technology, and systems development programs in aeronautical propulsion, space propulsion, space power, space communications, and microgravity sciences in combustion and fluid physics.
of underlying fluid physics and kinetics phenomena that provide a sound basis for predictive model and process development.
The project's aim is to have research operations in biotechnology, fluid physics and engineering and technology conducted aboard the station.
Objective: The vision spelled out in this proposal is to overcome the failure of Computational Fluid Dynamics to tackle one of the central unsolved fluid physics problems, namely predicting the sensitive flow physics associated with laminar-turbulent transition and flow separation.
The satellite will carry out 19 experiments in six fields included microgravity fluid physics, microgravity combustion, space material science, space radiation effect, microgravity biological effect and space biological techniques, Xinhua reported.
The module can support microgravity experiments in areas such as fluid physics, materials science, biology and biotechnology.
McEligot of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory for his pioneering experiments and analyses in convective thermal fluid physics and for his technical leadership in developing the World's largest Matched-Index-of-Refraction system to study complex flow phenomena.
Two refrigerator-sized racks for fluid physics and materials science experiments are among the seven tonnes of new gear set to be installed during the shuttle's nine-day stay at the station.
According to Steve Wilkinson, an aerospace engineer at Langley's Fluid Physics and Control Branch, "We evaluated the surface roughness effects of nearly 60 fabrics or patterns in our small low-speed tunnel, which is perfect for this purpose.