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Synonyms for hypovolemia

a blood disorder consisting of a decrease in the volume of circulating blood

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Improves cuttings removal and helps prevent fluid loss.
But despite any universal recommendations you may have heard such as eight glasses a day, the amount each person should drink to offset fluid loss will vary according to your size, activity level and how hot the weather is.
One of desired properties for muds is the minimum fluid loss volume which can be achieved by formation of a low-permeability filter cake on the wellbore.
Moulton, who hopes to see a first device on the market in 2013, said the technology has other medical applications, such as measuring fluid loss (dehydration) and intracranial pressure (brain injury).
Among all properties of the cement slurries, the fluid loss (amount of water loss) is one of the most critical concerns for cement slurry formulation, especially at high temperature and in high pressure.
Dubai Heat and humidity is a deadly combination and the fluid loss and inability to sweat will make body's internal temperature regulation go haywire, doctors said.
The pocket guide also carries illustrations to show them how heat, humidity and hard work can lead to fluid loss and what happens to their body at different stages as fluid loss increases.
Hydrate before, during, and after exercise, as exercise can result in large amounts of body fluid loss.
Since body fluids like sweat contain a high concentration of sodium chloride, a sudden fluid loss through sweat can throw a dancer's electrolytes out of balance.
Fluid loss is influenced more by time spent running than distance run.
Diarrhoea is not normal and the fluid loss can lead to weakness, dehydration and death.
It can be especially dangerous in young children because they cannot tolerate much fluid loss, and it can lead to kidney failure
This product has enabled the successful drilling and placement of very long horizontal laterals out to 35,000 ft because of the reduction in torque and drag, inhibition of shales and the lowering of fluid loss at high reservoir temperatures.
Fluid maintenance issues and heat illnesses are especially important in young athletes, who "are uniquely vulnerable to fluid loss," according to Dr.
Generally blood thinners such as aspirin, used along with diuretics, encourage fluid loss.