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the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess

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The other aspects of such studies worth noting is that fluid losses and fluid intake practices of athletes, irrespective of drink temperature, have been reported for athletes of a number of sport fields such as water polo and volleyball players (Cox, 2002; Zetou et al.
E[acute accent] Increase the fluid intake during non-fasting hours.
A dietary history, specifically focused on fluid intake as well as consumption of animal protein, dairy products, and salt usage should be included with this questionnaire.
This included how communication between medical staff was "not satisfactory" and nursing and medical notes were "poorly documented" about Mr Rumble's fluid intake and abnormal blood results.
Among 4-7 yr-olds, waters were 51-100% of fluid intake for 60% of the sample (subgroup: 58.
Of the 28 people enrolled, 11 participants were unable to complete the study due to difficulty collecting and measuring fluid intake or output.
Almost one-third (31%) of the children's total fluid intake consisted of sugar-sweetened soft drinks.
Among the study sample, more than 1,600 boys and girls had salt and fluid intake recorded using a seven-day dietary record.
Dietary salt is a major determinant of fluid intake in adults, but little is known about this relationship in children.
They said that studies actually suggested adequate fluid intake is often met by drinking milk, juice and even tea and coffee.
They said there was no evidence to support it and that studies actually suggested adequate fluid intake is often met by drinking milk, juice and even tea and coffee.
These include patients with habitual or psychogenic polydipsia or patients who take medication--such as tricyclic antidepressants and SSRIs--that may increase their fluid intake.
Mechanisms leading to this predominantly dilutional effect include avid fluid intake and a concurrent decrease in urine formation.
A sport dietician offers advice on timing fuel and fluid intake before, during, and after workouts when training for an endurance event, discusses which supplements have proven benefits, and provides sample meal plans.
Those experiencing fever, sickness and vomiting should ensure they keep up their fluid intake and not eat for a short time while the symptoms persist.