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a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore

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Starting at 8pm, the event includes Michael on piano, also Norma Winstone on vocals, Henry Lowther on trumpet & flugel horn, Art Themen on saxophone, Dave Green on bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums.
The piece also calls for instruments such as the flugel horn and euphonium.
I play a solo on the flugel horn live on stage every night (although a lot have asked me if I'm miming - cheek
Mick Cooke from Belle and Sebastian plays flugel horn on our song Dosed And Became Invisible.
Flugel horn player Kate Chisholm is celebrating her Master of Arts degree with a performance at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Katherine played The Three Kings on flugel horn while Mike played O Holy Night on the euphonium.
Arthurs also plays flugel horn and writes the material, creating the impression that he's given bassist Jasper Hiby and drummer Stu Ritchie some very fixed instructions on their realisation.
Who: A protege of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval has since evolved into one of the world's most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugel horn as well as a renowned classical artist, pianist and composer.
Sarah spent her pounds 1,000 prize money on a new violin and a flugel horn.
We run a dairy farm and my husband and I agreed that I could keep playing in the band and he would keep cycling - it's a musical arrangement really and I am sure that the cows milk better when I am practising my flugel horn.
Kate, who plays the flugel horn and piano, recently completed an MA in composing and plans continue her post graduate studies at Leeds University.
The solo features included technical fireworks (euphoniumist Matthew White in Bravura); funky jazz stylings (soprano cornettist Steve Stewart in Live and Let Die); plus smooth subtlety (Joanne Childs's flugel horn in Away in a Manger and trombonist Chris Thomas in Silent Night).
Things Turn Out That Way features Tony George on piano, Ken Lister on bass, Buff Allen on drums, Pat Coleman on guitar, Bill Runge on sax and flute and Mike Herriott on trumpet and flugel horn.
Saxophonist Julian Siegel now partners Lowther's trumpet and flugel horn, having recently taken over from Julian Arguelles, an unsurprising change in a band with 10 successful years to its credit.
And one such is Bryan Corbett, the frighteningly young (and frighteningly slim) silver-lipped trumpeter and flugel horn player who masterminds the wide range of top talent, both locally and nationally, which appears at Ty's Jazz & Spice five nights a week.