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a brass instrument resembling a cornet but with a wider bore

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Fur Moglichkeiten der flexiblen Anpassung eines Instruments wie Corps de rechange oder Stimmvorrichtungen am Flugel bietet der Katalogteil aufschlussreiche Beispiele.
Ex-bar tender Christoph Flugel, 38, added: "In the bedrooms, he was out of order.
Aside from a one-page foreword by Phyllis Granoff and a half-page preface by the editor, Peter Flugel, the individual papers, organized under five sub-headings, are left to stand on their own.
6) are reliable indicators of supratidal depositional environment (Ginsburg 1975: Demico & Hardie 1994; Flugel 2004).
Gareth's brother, Jason, 15, will play his flugel cornet during the evening's entertainment.
One difference from my other albums is that I play a lot of the instruments on the album itself - I play piano, guitar, bass and even flugel horn
Es sind in diesem Fall zwar nicht die Shrimps selbst, die fliegen, aber der thailandische Wirtschaftsminister Watana Muangsook hofft auf Flugel fur sein Projekt 'Shrimps als Tauschgeschaft fur Flugzeuge'.
By Ewald Flugel, 'Kleinere Mitteilungen aus Handschriften', Anglia, 14 (1892), 463-501.
Flugel, The Psychology of Clothes (London, 1966), pp.
Sparking the otherwise all-male band is a pretty blonde surveyor, Gloria (Tara Fitzgerald), who returns to her home town and blows its flugel.
Both Dan Wood of Mesa Verde Venture Partners and Roger Flugel of Sanderling Ventures are board observers.
He is joined by Tale of Us, the Italian duo that has made a name for itself with its eclectic fusion of styles, Roman Flugel, a legend on the German scene, the project Tuff City Kids from Gerd Janson and Lauer, neo-disco from British DJ Rory Phillips and one of the best Spanish DJs, the versatile Chelis from Zaragoza.
Sensu have Seth Troxler and Roman Flugel at The Art School in Glasgow.
Mr Barnes, who is a multi-award winning saxophonist, has collaborated with Mr Adams, a renowned trumpet and flugel player for over 20-years.