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Synonyms for scrubber

a worker who uses a scrub brush to clean a surface (usually a floor or deck)

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a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaning

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a purifier that removes impurities from a gas

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The annual operating and financing costs associated with a flue gas scrubber, which will remove 95 percent of the sulfur dioxide at the Culley Generating Station units 2 and 3, will be approximately $25 million annually.
It will incorporate numerous features to enhance and protect the environment, including a dry flue gas scrubber and an electrostatic precipitator to reduce air emissions and a desalination plant so that local water supplies will not be tapped.
A wastewater treatment unit and state-of-the-art flue gas scrubber are included to meet stringent environmental standards.
Specific coal byproducts like flue gas scrubbers can infuse plants with nutrients and enrich depleted soils via a variety of agricultural applications.
The 1,500-megawatt Montour plant has advanced environmental control technologies including flue gas scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and selective catalytic reduction.
The thermal power plant will feature two circulating fluidised-bed (CFB) boiler islands and flue gas scrubbers.
Specifically, activated carbon is an important filter medium to remove mercury and other toxic air emissions from electric utility flue gas scrubbers.