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Prior to the final COI regulations, no clear guidance existed as to whether fluctuations in value that take place during the period between the binding contract date and the effective date of the reorganization affect COI.
Tiny variations in that temperature, less than a millionth of a kelvin hotter or colder, revealed details of the primordial density fluctuations that gave rise to stars and galaxies (SN: 2/15/03, p.
In these proceedings of June 2004, contributors describe their research mainly on noise and fluctuations at the nanometer scale in electron devices, bio-materials and mesoscopic systems.
The precise measurement and control of magnetic fields and magnetic field fluctuations is an important step for experiments searching for a permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron, and is one of the main factors limiting the accuracy.
Much of the research on Holocene glacier and climate fluctuations in western Canada has been done in the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains (see Luckman, 2000, for references).
Large fluctuations in the solar wind affect our local space weather, predicting these is as challenging as predicting large changes in stock prices.
Owing to the higher number of flow volumes, the gear pump dampens the pressure fluctuations caused by the screw pump by a factor of up to 10.
Single molecule studies are uniquely designed to yield information about molecular motion, behavior, and fluctuations over time and space.
Unexpected fluctuations that influence auditors to revise their audit plans.
At the same time, strong fluctuations occurred in the power-distribution grid in southern Sweden, damaging capacitors and power cables.
Alvarez and Jermann measure the "marginal cost of consumption fluctuations," that is the benefit of a small reduction in consumption fluctuations.
As a result, fluctuations in the amount, timing, pages, weight, and kinds of advertising pieces can vary significantly from period to period, depending on its customers' promotional needs, inventories, and other factors.
Magnetic noise is the component of noise due to thermal fluctuations of the magnetic layers used to sense the fields from data bits.
Inflation stretched to cosmic scales random patches of the fabric of space-time that had minuscule fluctuations in density, creating the lumps from which galaxies arose.