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Synonyms for limit

Synonyms for limit

a demarcation point or boundary beyond which something does not extend or occur

either of the two points at the ends of a spectrum or range


the boundary surrounding a certain area

the greatest amount or number allowed

the ultimate point to which an action, thought, discussion, or policy is carried

to place a limit on

Synonyms for limit

final or latest limiting point

as far as something can go

the mathematical value toward which a function goes as the independent variable approaches infinity

the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed

decide upon or fix definitely

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Moreover, under the CSE trading rules and a relevant decision of the CSE Board, the daily fluctuation limits will not apply during the first three (3) trading days.
The officials said the association is in the final stage of negotiations with the Ministry of Finance over such details as daily price fluctuation limits.
Since last summer, the krone has remained close to the floor of its ERM fluctuation limits, as the authorities have used the available scope to ease domestic interest rates.
In order to maintain a stable stock market, we have set the daily price fluctuation limits of stocks, at a maximum limit 15 per cent of the closing price and a minimum of 10 per cent.
Dubai: Dubai Financial Market (DFM) , the only Gulf stock market to sell shares to the public, introduced unified fluctuation limits and cut the maximum weighting of a company in the benchmark index to 20 per cent.