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United States aviator who (with Richard E


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The first airline to accept Mayor La Guardia's challenge was American Airlines which introduced scheduled flights at Floyd Bennett Field.
Watching these huge white owls attempting to pick off urban rabbits at the decommissioned runways of Floyd Bennett Field was like experiencing a visitation from another dimension.
1926 American aviators Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett fly over the North Pole.
She helped build this area," said Floyd Bennett, her husband of 55 years.
And Floyd Bennett Field, where the first trans-Atlantic flight originated, is now home to historic aircraft being restored by veterans.
A large swath of the bay is also designated as the Gateway National Recreation Area, including historic Floyd Bennett Field and Fort Tilden as well as long stretches of undeveloped beach.
In October of 2001, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the International Preservation Trades Workshop, held at Floyd Bennett Field in New York and hosted by the Preservation Trades Network, a five-year-old international preservation organization representing more than 500 people and 500 years of traditions.
James McEniry: Emergency Service Unit, Edwards Hall, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, NY.
According to the report, the aircraft's wreckage has been removed from the temporary hangar at Floyd Bennett Field and the majority of the wreckage is now in storage containers at a secure facility in Harrison, New Jersey.
Marine Corps Reserve 6th Communication Battalion, headquartered out of Floyd Bennett Field, where Aviator Sports is located.
The aircraft was delivered in mid-July and the milestone was celebrated by representatives from the NYPD and Bell Helicopter on July 29 during a special delivery ceremony at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.
In 1926, Americans Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett supposedly became the first men to fly over the North Pole.
30,000 in product donations from CVS/pharmacy delivered by local CVS store teams to the Miller Field relief site in Staten Island, the Breezy Point/Rockaway Point (NY) Community Recovery Effort, the Hillside (NJ) Police Department's Comfort Station, the Roselle (NJ) Senior Citizen Housing Corporation, the USO to support more than 7,000 troops providing assistance at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, the Richmand Ave.
McCabe is the founding partner and chief executive of the Aviator Sports & Events Center at Floyd Bennett Field, and Banks is the vice president of Government Relations for Con Ed.
Byrd and his pilot-mechanic, Floyd Bennett, won fame as the first to fly an airplane to the North Pole.