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Synonyms for bud

Synonyms for bud

a source of further growth and development

a young person between birth and puberty

a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts

Words related to bud

a partially opened flower

a swelling on a plant stem consisting of overlapping immature leaves or petals

develop buds

Related Words

start to grow or develop

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Flowerbud founder and CEO, Mark Hayes, is delighted to share his company's anniversary with a holiday devoted to mothers, and reflects on Flowerbud's first years in an historical context.
We've taken a Valentine's tradition to the next level," says Flowerbud CEO and expert horticulturalist Mark Hayes.
Flowerbud offers Tulips year-round in a variety of colors, shipped directly from their growers' greenhouses and sold in single bunches of 20 stems.
Flowerbud offers new seasonal bouquets and floral wreaths to decorate your home for the autumn holidays, or to express your thanks for friends and family during this season of giving http://www.
macrocarpum 'Golden Fragrance', whose flowerbuds are soft yellow and look lovely in pots.
It bears through the winter conspicuous flowerbuds that, come March, open as clusters of tiny yellow tubes wrapped in silver hairs.
Its pencil-thin flowerbuds open to blooms which are deep pink on the outside and white within.
Blueberry plants set flowerbuds in the summer and fall that develop into fruit the following summer.
In a few weeks the flowerbuds will appear and you can then move them to your chosen spot for flowering, which needs to be out of direct sunlight and draught-free.
Clusters of flowerbuds start as deep crimson and as they open as flat, umbel-like flowerheads, they turn paler to "a whiter shade of pale".
When seedlings are about 3 to 6 months old," notes Fitch, "they show flowerbuds that reveal the kind of flowers the trees will soon bear.
Do this with care, because even this late in the season you may see a few tiny flowerbuds waiting in the wings, so leave them undamaged.
Grow on in cool conditions and feed until the flowerbuds show colour, only bringing into a room when you want to impress your friends.