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someone who rejects the established culture

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Casual and garden-partyish, rather like an upper crust flower-child, she kept her abundant hair barely under control with a plastic butterfly clip and had her bare toes peeking out of strappy, high-heeled sandals.
Put a sock on it: Birkenstocks, the 30-year-old German import long identified with the flower-child era, are back in fashion, along with bell bottoms and hipster belts.
With Tyrannosaurus Rex he sat cross-legged and delivered Lord Of The Rings-style mythology for the flower-child generation.
It stars Mike Myers as a toothy, flower-child secret agent and co-stars Destiny's Child singer Beyonce Knowles as his lover Foxy Cleopatra.
Her solutions: on the one hand, an oil-and-alkyd lushness; on the other, a willed flower-child clunkiness.