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an open jar of glass or porcelain used as an ornament or to hold flowers

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This results in a stunning instantaneous conversion, like magic, of the pre-eminent original artwork itself from bronze sculpture into a mundane ceramic artefact, namely a flower vase, accentuating at once the hierarchical supremacy of material in the evaluation of art works.
Tenders are invited for Providing Cut Flower For Arranging In Flower Vase Regular Work At P M House 3 5 7 9 And 11 Rcr Under 1 Hd 1 Cpwd New Delhi Dg 201516
Permitted: 2-foot Christmas tree that will fit in grave flower vase or in a potted container, one (1) tree/grave, not taller than 2-feet high; tree ornaments made of fabric, wood, rubber or paper; poinsettias and potted plants 8 inches tall; Christmas Wreaths.
Tenders are invited for maintance of Different Horticulture Works Under Hd1 During 201516 in connection with Supply Of Cut Flower For Arranging In Flower Vase In Vvip Location
3 Flower vase in shades of green and aqua, pounds 25, Debenhams.
The new VW Beetle will feature an AM/FM stereo and CD player with six speakers for that surround-sound feel; air conditioning, in case the windows don't roll down like they used to; and a dashboard-mounted flower vase.
A widower's business is blossoming after he invented a disposable flower vase for hospitals.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Arranging Of Cut Flowers In Flower Vase And Their Display In Different Offices /Deptt At North And South Blocks in connection with Maintanance of Different Horticulture Works Other Ministries At North And South Block Under 2/Hd-1, Dg 2014-15
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of Horticulture Work At Non-Residential Area In Nizam Palace, Kolkata During 2015-16 Sh - Displaying Of Flower Vases In The Chamber Of Higher Officers And Supply Of Flower Bouquet As Per Required At Nizam Palace, Kolkata
These flower vases are kept in almost all rooms of senior officials and elected members at the Civic Centre as well as the zonal offices.
com THESE wall-mounting flower vases hold up to six stems of flowers and create an artistic statement on your wall.
BEREAVED families have accused a council of insensitivity after flower vases and commemorative urns were removed from a garden of remembrance.
because the latter, who was jogging, scolded her mother when she was fixing flower vases in front of their residence's entrance.
Two walk in coolers and a great array of flower vases, wedding arches and other assets valued at $ 40k.
Prominent among them are flower vases, chinars, ornamental picture-frames, cigarette cases, tumblers and others.