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a container in which plants are cultivated


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The stolen articles include one silver table lamp of 1 kg, four silver flower pots each weighing about 250 gm and one silver temple.
Lightly butter inside of a new, cleaned 8 1/4-inch high pottery or clay flower pot that is 8 1/2 inches in diameter.
eIuLast month the security landed up at my doorstep, asking me to remove our flower pot.
The green bench that used to sit on the Leidsdegracht resembles hundreds of others, and its absence went unnoticed for at least a month -- probably because someone placed a large flower pot on the spot.
It could be a flat piece of wood or a flower pot or glass ones that Tina says are pretty for candles or for window ornaments.
The Flower Pot Men (below) was the theme for a healthy eating day at Ysgol Mair in Rhyl attended by MP Chris Ruane, pictured with pupil Janet Stokes SCHOOLCHILDREN were given a taste of life at the bottom of the garden with a Bill and Ben themed meal.
If a ball fell into a flower pot directly without touching the ground, the batsman was considered out.
com, 0800 328 2601) Flower pot with stand pounds 25 (www.
You simply plant the seeds in one of our growing kits or a flower pot with soil, water it and the plants will sprout in days," says Larry Chipkin.
It consists of a decorated, reusable plastic flower pot, along with holders and stems for six decorated cupcakes that the retailer provides.
I saw it and said, `It's not going to be a car, it's going to be a flower pot.
In Slide Piece, an authoritative male voice describes select passages of the image in exactingly formal terms but frequently draws metaphoric associations--a shadow resting behind a car is likened to a flower pot, a knot of tree branches is seen as a jellyfish.
Those guys are getting on in years but still rock them radiation suits and flower pot hats--uh--I mean "energy domes.
A sleeve for containing a flower pot has been patented.
And although, surprisingly, the Ancient Greeks didn't have a gardenmaking culture, it was a flower pot -or to be precise a broken flower pot -that played a central role in one of their religious rites.