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someone who rejects the established culture

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Like a good child of flower children, she ``believes in destiny.
Images of barefooted flower children dressed in tie-dyed shirts and old jeans usually come to mind.
Flower children and peace symbols adorned many Christmas cards of the 1960s.
Demonstrators covered the demonstrations; flower children had the drug beat.
He'll always be welcome back, so long as he continues to avoid cliches about gray skies, spotted owls and flower children.
They meet tree-hugging Flower Children and nasty men with guns among the usual one dimensional characters.
Call them freaks, the underground, the counterculture, flower children or hippies," writes Barry Miles in characteristic prose, they "transformed life in the West as we knew it, introducing a spirit of freedom, of hope, of happiness, of change and of revolution.
In August the Duke of Bedford allowed hippies into Woburn Abbey for a three-day Festival of the Flower Children.
The last time we saw this much bold mixing of colors and textures was in the late '60s and early '70s, when flower children and hippies shed their ladylike suits and panty girdles for braless blouses, embroidered jeans, granny dresses and love beads.
Also qualifying are flower children Melanie Blatt of All Saints, Oscar winner Leonardo diCaprio and actress Samantha Janus.
Flower children and peace symbols came into vogue in the 1960s and '70s.
However, in this version the parables have been contemporized, Jesus's followers are flower children and Jesus himself wears clownlike makeup.
Then ``things started to happen: John Kennedy's assassination, the flower children movement, the movement toward conservation of natural resources.
Yesterday's flower children want today's energy-saving windows and doors, water-conserving plumbing and fixtures, earth-friendly landscaping and areas built specifically for in-home recycling.
There was a Beatles-look-alike band called the Fab Four, go-go dancers gyrating on pedestals, flower children doing the twist, and psychedelic table decorations that included lava lamps.