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someone who rejects the established culture

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SHE was the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, her memory eternally held in the Summer of Love when The Beatles led the Flower Children through a rock and roll nursery rhyme under the tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
Taking place between June 10-12 in Seaclose Park, Newport, the sellout festival is renowned for the special place it holds in the hearts of hippies and '60s flower children.
Just great Robitussin-fueled trash rock, this shit has some psych and can induce a bummer in the most steadfast of flower children.
Jim Van Bebber's zero-budget sleazathon traces the gang's history from pot-smoking flower children to acid-dropping killer hippies.
This is more fact than speculation: Economists at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities and the Brookings Institution--as well as those free-spending flower children over at Goldman-Sachs--all project a deficit above $5 trillion over the next decade.
He intends Eden Express to be something of an apologia for the 1960s-"We were not the spaced-out, flaky, self-absorbed, wimpy, whiny flower children depicted in movies and TV shows.
Jansch was performing in the mac's outdoor arena and the audience, wrapped up against the chill summer evening, was largely made up of elderly hippies and fresh-faced flower children attracted by the 58-year-old Scotsman's endorsement by several of today's guitar heroes like Bernard Butler and Johnny Marr.
Flower children, especially the children of flower children .
Estonian life, ideology and even architecture are like a difficult-to-balance boat jostled by the currents -- rocked by the information technology-loving consumer society from one side and the flower children, Sun, Water, Wind and Forest worshippers on the other.
However, there is still bad news abroad concerning church architecture, with the casualties mounting as aging flower children remain determined to create in brick and mortar the Church they have failed to remodel in heart and soul.
teen population is the biggest its been since the 1960s and, unlike yesterday's flower children, today's kids spend more than $9 billion a year on cosmetics, fragrances and other beauty care products.
During their stay, the girls discover a teacup in the garden, as well as a storybook in the house that tells about the lost flower children who are under a spell.
economy after the flower children of the 1960s came to work and the romantic environmentalists mounted their efforts to make us return to a natural state?
Images of barefooted flower children dressed in tie-dyed shirts and old jeans usually come to mind.
Demonstrators covered the demonstrations; flower children had the drug beat.