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a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system

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The HR Flowcharts Solution turns ConceptDraw PRO into an effective diagramming tool that can be used to represent a wide variety of HR processes and workflows, such as recruitment, hiring, payroll, and employee development.
Flowcharts are useful in many different settings, including classrooms and accounting practices.
SmartDraw VP automates the creation of 70 different types of business visuals including flowcharts, mind maps, Gantt charts, timelines, floor plans, data charts and more.
In addition to the flowcharts for individual conditions, there is a general flowchart at the beginning of the text that describes the therapeutic order in naturopathic medicine.
FSCS has launched interactive versions of these flowcharts on its website at www.
Arney concurs, "The distinction of the GP2-A5 is that this edition discusses the use of flowcharts as a valuable tool to help develop and define a process.
Flowcharts are often considered the purview of engineers and manufacturing employees, and some service or nonmanufacturing employees initially find any type of flowchart daunting.
The external auditor completely reviews all internal control documentation including narratives, flowcharts and walk-throughs.
Offering tested and proven cognitive-behavioral interventions, as well as cutting-edge supplementary interventions for those who do not respond well to cognitive-behavioral therapy alone, Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder illustrates its techniques with sample doctor-patient conversations, flowcharts, suggested logs and recordkeeping forms for undertaking steps of the therapy, and more.
The blond-wood ductworks produce their own web of associations: We think of modernist and modern-ish furniture design from Mies to Eames to IKEA; the paintings of Piet Mondrian and Peter Halley; programming flowcharts and wiring schematics; the negative spaces of ant and gopher colonies, or mines and subways, converted into positive form.
Because the flowcharts are stored electronically, the Space Center was able to do away with rooms full of paper-based documentation.
It also includes CQI and Quality Indicator tools, restorative nursing flowcharts, restorative nursing terminology and other informative aids.
Flowcharts, together with explanatory notes, are being posted to the AICPA's Web site to assist you in determining if some or all of these regulations are likely to apply to you.
Amid snappy flowcharts and impressively footnoted diagrams, we learn that no one is born homosexual, no one chooses to have same-sex attractions, anyone can choose to change, what was learned can be unlearned, and, my favorite, "It's not gay nor bad, it's SSAD--Same-Sex Attachment Disorder.
With Visio 2000, IRS workers can produce commonly used business diagrams such as organization charts or flowcharts.