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a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)

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Flourmill customer Shona Phillips Jones said she was outside the venue with boyfriend Clinton Frost during the incident when she saw the man throw an object.
After capturing much of the textile and paper mill businesses in the northeast, mutuals operating in the Midwest by 1900 had captured much and in some cases most of the grain and flourmill business, the lumber trades, traction and electrical power companies, and the hardware and drug retail trade.
In this chapter Read recalls a visit to his uncle's flourmill.
Pale orange/blue particles containing iron, chromium, and nickel are steel particles abraded from flourmill grinding plates.
The Albion Mill, a controversial early steam-powered flourmill, was the most famous and later infamous industrial site in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century London and for many years a fashionable tourist destination.
This financial support, allowed them to successfully establish the colony, and helped them accumulate the resources to take on projects, such as constructing badly needed infrastructure including the flourmill and the brick factory.
He also established meat works, tinning works and a steam flourmill.
Martin patented the package and the bottling process, and he brought a mobile bottling line to the Sunshine Mill, a land-mark flourmill he refurbished to house his Quenett Cellars and Silver Salmon Winery.
OFM is also in the process of setting up another flourmill in Sohar and is looking at expanding poultry farming in Buraimi to cater to the rising local demand.
This was one of the multiple business ventures of the Corporation--others were brick making, a store, a flourmill and, of particular interest for this article, a printing press.
James Francis Garrick was born on 10 January 1836 in Sydney, the second son of James Francis Garrick who migrated from England to Australia in the early 1830s to manage a flourmill.
AIL started operations at its flourmill in October 2000.
Settlement in the region began around 1855-6 and colonists were quickly convinced of the fertility of the land, erecting a flourmill in 1857.
The official registered a complaint with the FIA, accusing WAPDA SDO Saifullah Cheema of demanding money for providing an illegal connection at his flourmill.