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a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)

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They surmised that the outbreak resulted from artisanal processing of lead-rich gold ores, which had recently expanded in scope and become increasingly mechanized through use of gasoline engine-powered flourmills to grind the ores [MSF 2012; United Nations Environment Programme/Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNEP/OCHA) 2010; von Lindern et al.
MDC's flourmill, operated by its subsidiary, Mpongwe Milling Limited, is being disposed of separately.
The waterfront landmark and former 19th century flourmill turned premier hotel boasts 380 rooms, Venice's first rooftop pool, the city's largest Spa, and two new restaurants from former Hotel Cipriani alumnus, Chef Franco Luise.
Tenders are invited for Operation of the mechanical equipment availble in friday garden sri pat tiruchanoor for the year 20116 ( flourmill & lot systems)
Molino Hidalgo flourmill, on the coast of Venezuela, sits silent, most employees on a forced vacation.
These could be seen near the warm water inlet from the flourmill and may have been put in during a restocking, which was first discussed in 1919.
We enjoyed breakfast at The Guenther House restaurant - a restored stately home and flourmill.
Anyway in 1918 they began carrying out a number of reforms that in Europe would have been denounced as dangerously socialistic, including a state-owned flourmill, a state-owned grain elevator, co-operative controls over the selling of grain and the purchase of farm supplies - and a state-owned bank, still the only one in America.
83) The Mission also considered damage to the industrial infrastructure of Gaza, including a flourmill, and without even considering the perspective of the on-scene commander concluded that the damage to the flourmill "suggests that the intention was to disable the factory in terms of its productive capacity.
FWS Construction is designing and building a new 250 tonne per day, state-of-the-art flourmill for Rogers Foods, who operates BC's only existing flourmill and is owned by the largest flour milling company in Japan.
The JCA built simple houses and structures for livestock, as well as a school, synagogue, bakery and flourmill for them.
It's a funny thing, I'd never experienced such a strong feeling before in my life, of belonging, of ownership, if you know what I mean, not in our house, our orchard, the flourmill, never.
He's operated a cereal laboratory, run the biggest flourmill in what used to be called the British Empire, and built a flourmill in Venezuela.