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Synonyms for fluorine

a nonmetallic univalent element belonging to the halogens

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As flourine is a first cousin to chlorine and has separately been found to be at least as toxic as chlorine at certain levels, a case could be made out for it being common assault to compel anybody to imbibe it on a daily basis, and GBH where ill-effects occur.
Flourine combines with all other elements except helium, neon, and --.
Becca Payne, Bryson Middle, Flourine "Egg"--Speriment
By terming it iodine, from [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], violaceous, all this confusion will be avoided, and the name will be more analogous to chlorine and flourine.
Flourine, a fantastic turquoise, is so this season and it's a limited edition, so make sure you get your orders in now.