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light emitted during absorption of radiation of some other (invisible) wavelength

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Flourescent, phosphorescent, pearlescent, and metallic concentrates.
Application: Flourescent whitening agents added to a BCTMP or BCTMP-kraft furnish reduce the photoyellowing properties of paper containing high yield pulp.
They are printed in six colours with UV inks, plus two special Light Fast flourescent inks, on 500 micron recycled board.
Cove lighting or fixtures that direct light upward or downward can provide home-like adjuncts to harsh flourescent lighting.
Using a new long-lived flourescent dye, they can directly observe the development of connections between the eye and the brain in toad (Xenopus laevis) embryos.
Innovative Flourescent Football Begins Production at the 20 Year Anniversary of Invention
Tenders are invited for Energy Efficient Box Type Flourescent Tube Fitting 2 X 28 Watt For Flourescent T-5 Lamp Tube Rod Complete All Accessories Include 02 Nos.
The thief is described by police as being dark skinned, aged in his late teens to early 20s, six feet, and wearing a blue work jacket, flourescent trousers and some kind of hat.
Dukes MD Dilip Jajodia, whose firm is competing with Kookaburra to invent a ball suited to night Test matches, rated flourescent orange a superior option to the pink balls.
Internally, the premises provides for rectangular warehouse space with ground and first floor offices and benefits from concrete floors, suspended flourescent strip lighting, 3 phase electricity, gas blower heaters, and approximately 6-8 car parking spaces.
These civilian officers can often be seen patrolling the streets in flourescent jackets to deal with low level crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
Among the larger pieces specially commissioned for this year's event is Shake Pole ( an 80 metre long installation of flourescent tubes by artist Richard Box.
SIXTY lycra-clad people had to be evacuated from a gym at a Wirral hotel after thick smoke was spotted from a flourescent light fitting.
Robin William's flourescent yellow gear was remarkably similar to the eccentric clothes once worn by the favourite telly alien.