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Synonyms for flotsam

Synonyms for flotsam

the floating wreckage of a ship


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The demo entitled Flotsam and Jetsam takes place at St.
Teams can then decorate their sandcastle with flotsam and jetsam found on the beach.
London, May 8( ANI ): Around 1,200 pieces of wood were required to craft a boat, which contains flotsam and jetsam from the Mary Rose and Jimi Hendrix's guitar, and the artful boat would be launched on Tuesday as part of a national art project to mark the Olympics.
Renee, who hails from Penarth, spends time with farmer Gareth Wyn Jones in Snowdonia, helping out with the birth of spring lambs, learns the secrets of foraging for fresh seafood in Gower, and joins a host of other surfers dodging flotsam and jetsam to enjoy the thrill of riding the Severn bore.
If retail therapy doesn't do the trick, of course, there's always the Guinness Village, where you can go to feel better about yourself, as you look down upon the human flotsam and jetsam, drowning in a sea of the black stuff.
The rising British actor emerges from the flotsam and jetsam with dignity.
Jonathan Wells exposes The Myth of Junk DNA (Discovery Institute Press 2011) and shows that contrary to being just evolutionary flotsam and jetsam, much of our non-protein-coding DNA performs essential biological functions.
This will not be a book for those demanding political correctness but most readers will enjoy the deliciously wicked fun that comes as Death picks up and stores souls in his vast bag like so much flotsam and jetsam.
Delaney began photographing the flotsam and jetsam of her family life in 1988 and these she pieced together to create the series Housebound .
Honestly, if you're a dad and you need a car to carry all the flotsam and jetsam that comes with it, this is the car you need.
His broken beakers, jerry-rigged conduits, and salvaged flotsam and jetsam embody a process of creative trial and error, and a realization that the predictability of formulas--"scientific" or otherwise--necessarily gives way to the chaos of the visual and the visceral.
Enjoy beachcombing to collect all sorts of flotsam and jetsam, which will enhance your creations and you could win a special prize for clever decoration.
If Art had the chance, with a bit of flotsam and jetsam he would have made himself a raft.
Host Stephen Fry is joined by Charlie Higson, Andy Hamilton, Rob Brydon and Alan Davies to discuss topics including flotsam and jetsam, awarding points not for the correct answers but for those he finds most interesting.
The snipers see it as a dreadful comedown, to leave mainstream TV to join the flotsam and jetsam way down the pecking order.