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United States chemist who developed methods for studying long-chain molecules (1910-1985)

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Maybe she did remember me, or maybe she meant Flory.
The flory radius, Rf , which is end to end dimension of polymer molecule is calculated from the Flory Huggins theory as given in equation 2 [23-24]:
However, there have been reports of the activity in recent years, including two in the United States in 2014, Flory said.
When Mr Flory stood down, Mr Hunt said: "I have immensely valued David's wise counsel, advice and judgment, and in particular his ability to find solutions to problems that often appear intractable.
Wilkerson hopes to one day take over the store for Flory and her husband when they retire, and he believes the NRHA Retail Management Certification Program will give him some of the knowledge he will need to do just that.
Born and raised in Michigan, Flory, co-owner of Custom Built Inc.
Flory will fill the seat formerly occupied by Carol Howard, whose term expires in May 2016.
In fact, it was written in 1983 by Flory Jagoda, an 88-year-old Sephardic folk singer who still performs today.
This fresh headache for the PM is revealed in a hardhitting letter to health-care bosses from deputy NHS chief executive David Flory.
Flory argued that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had helped to ease friction between NATO and the EU over their respective roles by engaging France more in NATO and on global security issues generally.
But with the help of his sponsor and Santa Fe Trail teacher, Faith Flory, and other close friends, things started to get better.
Denis Flory, IAEA deputy director general and head of the agency's department for nuclear safety and security, said at a press conference, ''If things go as foreseen and taking into account all the measures that are foreseen in this road map, the new amount of release will be decreasing and decreasing and the total amount would not be much different from what it is today.
The Flory model V60 Series sweeper is a self-propelled "V" nut sweeper.
Rice and beans went with everything for breakfast, lunch and tea," Flory explained.
Set in this maelstrom of aggressive resentment, Flory's arc as belated imperial Englishman reveals the structural hypocrisies that underpin imperial manliness even as both the narrative and Flory paradoxically mourn the fraying of those ideals; the narrative voice and Flory work within the inexorable code of Englishness and English manliness that Orwell in "Shooting an Elephant" calls the "mask of the English sahib" (15).