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someone who grows and deals in flowers

a shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold

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com)-- Cary Florist and its sister company, North Raleigh Florist, will be adding an online wholesale department section, where customers can order wholesale stem flowers without any of the additional frills.
Then, because there's no direct line of communication from florist to customer, florists can't say so if they're out of red roses or baby's breath.
Charlotte Baker and Vicky Rymell, from Hubbards Florists in Holbrook Lane, Holbrooks, have qualified to compete at the Chelsea Flower Show later this month.
To be on the team with four other brilliant young florists is a real privilege.
The revised outlook for the ICRs is a reflection of Florists continuing sub-par operating results since 2009 and reflects the likelihood that this rating may be downgraded if this trend continues into 2013.
HISTORY Dot Collier of Katherine's Florists Ladies will be treated to a flower arranging demonstration, a glass of fizz, a three-course lunch, a glass of wine and coffee for PS25 per person.
BloomNet's Vase Expressions(TM) program has been developed exclusively for BloomNet Professional Florists, enabling them to set themselves apart and grow their sales by providing customers with a uniquely imaginative gift idea.
She recently passed her Level 5 Master Diploma in Professional Floristry, a qualification held by only one per cent of florists in the country.
Florists use their creativity and knowledge of plants and flowers to design and make up flower arrangements, bouquets and wreaths.
FLORISTS design and make up floral arrangements, bouquets, wreaths and floral tributes.
Brides spend from a few hundred pounds to thousands but there are flowers and florists to suit every budget.
She says that "We have made friends with florists from other countries, especially from the Baltic States; we often meet with them and have a good opportunity to exchange our experiences with each other.
The guide is a directory of the country's leading florists and Alisa is one of only a handful of West Yorkshire florists to meet the exacting criteria.
Most local florists will sell you a dozen roses in a vase for $54.