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Synonyms for florin

the basic unit of money in Suriname

formerly the basic unit of money in the Netherlands

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The Florin 2013 jury members are Gerard de Moura, Galitt, EPCA representative (chairman); Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion, Director; Mark Buitenhek, ING, Global Head of Payments & Cash Management; Bo Harald, Tieto, Head of Executive Advisors and, Javier Santamaria Navarette - Santander, Subdirector General.
The Florin Award aims at recognizing genuine innovation in the payment industry," said Gerard de Moura, Chairman of the Florin jury and Managing Director of Galitt.
Many businesses, including retail outlets, would most likely also accept florins on the same basis.
Interest rates on euros and florins for terms up until the end of 2007 would be identical, but for longer terms the rates could differ, depending on expectations about re-born sovereign Dutch monetary policy into Stage 2 and beyond.
All other monies must be remitted in Aruban Florins and then once transferred to the revenue fund are converted into U.
The Florins, established in 2010 by the EPCA Payment Summit (European Payments Consulting Association) and The Paypers (independent news and analysis for professionals in the global payment community), have shortlisted ValidSoft for the categories: "Winner Jury Vote" and "Winner Community Vote".
The Sienesi spent 291,379 florins between 1342 and 1399 in bribes to contain the mercenaries' threat.
On 16 January 1441 Salomone di Bonaventura was condemned to pay the sum of twenty thousand florins for violating the Florentine law of 1406(3) that prohibited Jews (and others) from engaging in usury in the city.
Florence, under the penalty of one thousand florins.
According to the 200-florin contracted value of the statue, the assessment should have been I7 florins plus handling charges, an unusually stiff fee.
At a cost of nearly twenty florins for the materials alone, the coat represented the equivalent of almost half a year's wages of one of the skilled marble carvers employed at that time by the artist in the Medici Chapel.
The award winners will be announced at the Florin Award ceremony at the end of the 1st day at the EPCA Summit, April 19th 2012.
The spectacular Victorian-themed Christmas song My Favourite Time of Year by The Florin Street Band is set to benefit numerous charities this Christmas as it becomes the theme to ITV's Text Santa appeal.
Leigh Haggerwood is now writing a Florin Street album for release in 2012, and is currently discussing the possibility of turning Florin Street into a musical animation.
LONDON, November 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- My Favourite Time of Year by The Florin Street Band is being hailed as the first classic Christmas song in decades.