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a nonmetallic univalent element belonging to the halogens

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After eight months of limited mobility due to a torn meniscus, author Florine Evans spent time each day watching "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and feeling inspired.
Frank Gillis began treating Florine Bryant at Lister Healthcare (Lister) in 1999.
He had no independent recollection of instructing Florine in the use of Coumadin.
Many guides, such as the late Camille Lejeune, Florine "Pie" Champagne and Noah Schexnider, became legends.
In concluding this analysis of how Duchamp's circle of friends and colleagues were crucial to the formation of his identity as a chess player, Florine Stettheimer's Portrait of Marcel Duchamp of 1923 (Fig.
Leaning on the research findings of Florine Asselbergs (2004), Yannakakis informs us that a native artist (tlacuiloque) was responsible for producing the Lienzo de Analco soon after the conquest; the work epitomizes a medium in which "geography did not exist independently from history.
Her repertoire included Princess Florine in Sleeping Beauty, In 1935 Semyonova danced as a guest at the Paris Opera where she performed Giselle with Serge Lifar.
Those circumstances aren't lost on Florine Edwards, a vice president of corporate programs and exhibit management with FM Global, who is tickled about the coincidence, and who has been attending RIMS trade shows for at least 25 years.
Another woman, Florine, has also escaped critics' attention.
Fanning, Connie "CJ" Florine died at age 55 in Grand Lake, CO.
High dietary intake of florine, chlorine, and bromine may decrease iodine absorption.
6-acre Arkansas Precast site was bought for $20,000 in February 1970 from Robert and Florine Campbell, and the 2.
Sai Jyothirmayi Racherla on 'Maternal Mortality', Hilary Gorman on 'Unsafe Abortion' and 'HIV/AIDS', Syirin Junisya on 'Violence against Women and Girls' and Florine Lawrance on 'The emerging impact of Decentralisation on Health Systems'.
McCurdy Professor of Law, Case Western Reserve University School of Law; George Lefcoe, Ervin and Florine Yoder Chair in Real Estate Law, University of Southern California Gould School of Law; Robert A.
Out From Las Vegas: Adventures A Day Away by travel writer Florine Lawlor is an intriguing, informative, and "user friendly" guide to a wealth of interesting landmarks, getaways and scenic geographical significants within a day from Las Vegas, Nevada.