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Todays unanimous vote comes in the midst of National Consumer Protection Week and Im proud Floridians will be able to more easily protect themselves from fraud.
Floridian Community Bank announced that all branches are open and operating with full staff, the company said.
At its heart, the new law is designed to ensure that Floridians receive timely and accurate notice of a data breach while also providing such notice to my office along with a description of the remedial steps taken in response to the breach.
Floridians ask Mainers, "How close do you live to Bar Harbor?
Washington : Floridians keen to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades will have their mettle tested next month as the wildlife service seeks help in eradicating the giant Burmese python.
com)-- On Saturday, December 1st 2012, TMG Entertainment will present the inaugural Floridian Awards with Ocean Drive Magazine as the presenting media sponsor taking place at the Chapman Conference Center 245 NE Fourth St.
Floridians of various ethnic and racial backgrounds experience health disparities such as higher proportions of heart and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and infant mortality.
Fully 40% of Floridians read at least two different newspapers during an average weekday.
The percentages swing in the favour of golf punters if they can reduce a field of more than 140 runners to only 40 possible winners, and the strong recent trend towards Floridians in the Ford Championship means that is almost the case this week.
This scientifically representative poll of 1,200 Floridians finds that public opinion about K-12 public education spending is seriously misinformed.
In response to the disastrous hurricane season, Congress has approved two measures that would offer financial aid to Floridians.
4 billion in insured damage, Floridians were hit again as Hurricane Frances pummeled the state over the Labor Day weekend.
And Floridians realize they're being uprooted from their own turf.
flight attendants are ``anything with New Yorkers or Floridians onboard,'' according to a recent survey.
The measure, known as Amendment 6, was a run-away winner, with 71 percent of Floridians voting for it and only 29 percent against.