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The aquifer in south Florida is younger and has not yet established the network of caverns and conduits of the older Floridan.
The identification of this rock was found to be dolostone (a fossiliferous sandy dolomite and fossiliferous sandy limestone) the rocks that form the upper confining unit for the Floridan Aquifer System.
Water is supplied through various groundwater wells from the Floridan Aquifer, with treatment provided by one of two county-owned treatment facilities.
From 1999-2003, Connor was publisher of Georgia's Americus Times Recorder (CNHI bought the Americus paper in 2000), and for 2-1/2 before, was publisher of the Jackson County Floridan in Marianna, Fla.
Floridan (As of March 31, 2004: daily: 6,924; Sunday: 6,926) The Floridan has grown daily circulation more than 26 percent since 2002.
The Floridan aquifer supplies Florida with much of its water needs.
On the head-to-head count, Davenport leads Williams 9-3 and she has not lost to the 20-year-old Floridan in three meetings at Major tournaments - twice in the Australian Championships (1998 and 1999) and once at the US Open (1998).
Lucie Floridan Aquifer Production Well F-12 at the JEA Wellfield in Port St.
Water is supplied from the Lower Floridan Aquifer and treated at one of four city-owned treatment facilities with a combined capacity to treat up to 28.
1999, Hydrogeology, water quality, and potential contamination of the Upper Floridan aquifer, western Albany area, Georgia: U.
Two newspapers enjoy penetration greater than 100 percent: The Sunday edition of the Jackson County Floridan in Marianna, Fla.
Steering his private detective through a familiar cocktail of Floridan sex, sleaze and murder, Sanders comes over as a hard-boiled Jackie Collins, with a shark in every swimming pool and a gun concealed in every enhanced cleavage.
Invitation to Bid: Deltona brackish water testing lower floridan and upper floridan aquifer exploratory testing
Additionally, sinkholes in the streambed upstream of the facility establish a hydraulic connection between the river and the Floridan Aquifer; the effect of these sinkholes to baseflow during periods of limited precipitation and low flow are considered.
In Florida, James Ricketts has been named publisher of the Jackson County Floridan in Marianna, Fla.
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