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The NRC ruled that " the wastewater is unlikely to migrate to the Upper Floridan Aquifer; and even if it did, the concentration of each of the four contaminants would be below the applicable United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) primary drinking water standard and, accordingly, would pose no known health risk.
Water within the Floridan Aquifer in the vicinity of the New Wales facility generally moves to the west, and at a slow pace--around 1,000 ft per month," Mosaic said.
In February, SWFWMD awarded CH2M HILL four contracts, including two general engineering contracts for conveyance and natural systems, as well as contracts for the Watershed Management Program and a Hydrogeological Investigation of the Lower Floridan Aquifer, to help SWFWMD manage water and water-related resources in southwest Florida.
The identification of this rock was found to be dolostone (a fossiliferous sandy dolomite and fossiliferous sandy limestone) the rocks that form the upper confining unit for the Floridan Aquifer System.
6 million gallons daily (mgd) to be drawn from four well fields in the Floridan Aquifier.
And as you tuck into your locally caught stone crabs in the twilight and owls swoop overhead, you might, if you're very lucky, catch sight of the elusive Floridan panther.
and comes from the deepest source of drinking water in the Southeast, the Floridan Aquifer.
To light up the huge passageways in Floridan aquifers, spring divers use handheld high-intensity-discharge or light-emitting-diode (LED) torch systems powered by waist-mounted nickel-metal-hydride battery packs.
The conversion of open spaces into urban development affects locally and globally important ecosystems such as the Green Swamp, the source of four rivers and the Floridan aquifer's potentiometric high; the Lake Wales Ridge, home of globally endangered plants and animals; the Kissimmee River, the headwaters of the Everglades and the home of other vanishing species of wildlife.
Underwood most recently served as publisher of the Jackson County Floridan in Marianna.
After this hurricane, crews installed a 24-inch diameter drainwell to the lake's west side to discharge water to the Floridan aquifer.
USDA Rural Development's RBEG funding was provided to the Floridan Resource Conservation and Development Council, which in turn used the funds to assist the co-op in marshalling marketing activities for the potato.
Much of the southeastern Coastal Plain is underlain by the Floridan aquifer, which is one of the most productive aquifers in the world and is the principal source of groundwater for the region.
Unlike Florida's three surficial and unconfined aquifers, its other two, the intermediate and the Floridan, are confined and thus not connected to the water in rivers and lakes.
The Floridan aquifer supplies Florida with much of its water needs.
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