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The mechanism they used to explain the ring detachment included the sea-level difference in the Florida Strait.
Brothers to the Rescue was best known for its relief flights over the Florida Strait to search for people fleeing Cuba in flimsy rafts and boats, but it had increasingly turned to acts of civil disobedience.
Activate a contingency plan known as Vigilant Sentry along the Florida Strait to prevent any massive boatlift; intercept and return any boats moving in both directions.
That sums up the message we all heard from weather authorities and our governor as powerful Category 5 Hurricane Irma moved through the Florida Straits before an expected turn would bring it into Florida.
Download Tropical Storm Philippe bringing heavy rains and flood threat as it crosses South Florida NNA - Tropical Storm Philippe was passing over the Florida Straits about 75 miles southwest of Key West as of 11 p.
A large area of cloudiness and showers extending from the Cayman Islands northward across Cuba to the Florida Straits is associated with a broad surface trough interacting with an upper-level low," the NHC reported of Nate's formulation Thursday.
Those trips have helped fuel the hospitality industry on both sides of the Florida Straits, with Delta, American, JetBlue and others flying to at least six Cuban cities daily and Carnival cruise lines taking American citizens to port in Havana.
In the 1980s, swordfish were heavily fished by commercial longline boats in the Florida Straits.
Now, both sides hope the cruise is the first step toward a future in which thousands of ships a year could cross the Florida Straits.
Canvassing poetry, music, journalism, photographs, and other cultural expressions around themes of revolution, "Cuba, the United States, and Cultures of the Transnational Left, 1930-1975" seeks new understanding of how race, gender, and nationhood could shift in meaning and materialization when traveling across the Florida Straits.
Cuba also wants Washington to change its so-called "wet foot, dry foot" immigration policy, which was specially crafted to entice Cubans to hazard dangerous crossings of Florida Straits to reach U.
The United States and Cuba are partnering to secure marine life in protected regions in the Florida Straits and the Gulf of Mexico.
Speaking at a basilica to Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, Cuba's patron saint, he urged Cubans to follow her example "to build bridges, break down walls, sow seeds of reconciliation," in comments that appeared to allude to the nascent reconciliation across the Florida Straits.
Sea levels drop about 20 centimeters between the Florida Straits and northern Florida, eventually leveling out between North Carolina's Cape Hatteras and Canada.
HAVANA -- The United States said Wednesday it dispatched additional ships to the Florida Straits to halt Cuban rafters but rebuffed demands for broader changes to U.
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