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On carefully considering," he said, "what is going on now between Florida and Texas, it is clear that the same difficulties will recur with all the towns of the favored State.
Alluding to the extent of Florida, a mere peninsula confined between two seas, they pretended that it could never sustain the shock of the discharge, and that it would "bust up" at the very first shot.
Florida Fun Fact #1: Bike Week in Daytona Beach--David Allen Coe plays for free every night at the Iron Horse Saloon
But the measure would allow offshore insurers that operate in the Bahamas, Grand Cayman and Bermuda to set up shop in Florida and sell life insurance policies and annuities directly to foreign nationals who spend less than 120 days a year in the state.
Frisbie who came to Florida in 1918, are sunk even deeper in Florida's sandy soils.
Blooms of brevetoxin-producing K brevis have been associated with massive fish kills as well as the deaths of marine mammals (including endangered Florida manatees and dolphins) and marine birds.
World War II produced dramatic economic, demographic, and cultural shifts in Florida.
In fact, her legal arguments were strong: Florida election law requires an "error in tabulation" to trigger the hand recount, and the machines had worked just fine.
The English settlement of Carolina in the 1660s altered the development of Florida in numerous ways.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on October 1, 1999, the issuance of a consent Order against William Carmichael, an institution-affiliated party of the First Western Bank, Cooper City, Florida, a state member bank.
Last November Florida voters went to the polls and overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment declaring that the maintenance of an "efficient, safe, secure and high quality system of free public schools" is "a paramount duty of the state.
I had stalked bucketmouths in Southern California reservoirs, where the fast-growing, long-living black bass were imported from Florida in the 1950s and grow to monstrous sizes, drawing overzealous anglers from around the globe with designs on breaking the world record - 22-1/4 pounds - that has stood since 1932.
The acquisition, which has been unanimously approved by both companies' boards of directors, will significantly enhance Vulcan Materials' strategic position and long-term growth opportunities by greatly expanding its presence in attractive Florida markets and in other high-growth Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.
Gore, it helps to look at the Florida Supreme Court's decision in Gore v.
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