calcium carbonate

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a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone

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More information is available about Florical Systems and WideOrbit products at the companies' respective Websites: www.
Eric Piard, VP Research & Development at Florical explains, "With this new EAS feature in Acuitas, operators do not have to interact with the automation system at all and the hardware footprint for dealing with the graphics and audio components of an EAS warning is now drastically reduced.
The companies joining with Isilon to take the media and entertainment industry into the next generation include Anystream, Agnostic Media, Artesia Digital Media Group, Aspera, EVS, Florical Systems, Force10 Networks, Front Porch Digital, Harris Corporation, IMAKE, Mellanox Technologies, Netia, Pharos Communications, SGL, Sony Electronics, Signiant, Spectra Logic, TANDBERG Television, Telestream, Venaca, VFinity, and Video Technics.
To the advantage of its customers and their requirement for interoperability, SeaChange's Network Storage Architecture seamlessly unites its play-to-air solutions with best-of-breed products from a wide range of vendors such as Ampex, Avalon, CEI, Cisco, DAL, Florical Systems, Harris, Louth, Odetics, OmniBus, Pebble Beach Systems, Philips, ProBel, SGT, SIS, Sony, StorageTek, Sundance Digital, and Vibrint among many others.
The EMC-enabled storage infrastructure has been integrated with hardware and software from Avalon, FloriCal, Lucent and Vela Research to provide a "master control" for all of the station's programming -- from incoming satellite transmissions to playback.
today announced FloriCal System's AirBoss automated control system now supports Kaydara mediastore, a next-generation media server designed to provide broadcast facilities with fast access to stills, audio/video clips, animation and graphics.
The Broadcast MediaCluster integrates with a variety of automation systems, including those from Drake, Etere, Florical, Louth, Odetics, Omnibus, SGT and Sundance.
The system will also integrate with a variety of automation systems, including those from Drake Automation, Louth Automation, Omnibus Systems, Odetics, SGT, Florical and Sundance Digital.
Additionally, many third-party companies including Columbine JDS, Florical, Louth Automation, Pro-Bell Software and Storage Tek, will be showing automation software and archival solutions.