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a native or resident of Florence, Italy

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Florentine mosaics are the choicest in all the world.
They all call it a river, and they honestly think it is a river, do these dark and bloody Florentines.
She was, in very truth, the Florentine judge, stern, stately, impassive.
The king, however, having acquired Lombardy, regained at once the authority which Charles had lost: Genoa yielded; the Florentines became his friends; the Marquess of Mantua, the Duke of Ferrara, the Bentivogli, my lady of Forli, the Lords of Faenza, of Pesaro, of Rimini, of Camerino, of Piombino, the Lucchese, the Pisans, the Sienese--everybody made advances to him to become his friend.
During the 1490's, northern Italy was struck with a series of terrifying events which the Florentine historian Guicciardini would later characterize as the calamity of Italy: Charles VIII of France invaded in 1494; the winter of 14956 was intensely cold; there were floods, earthquakes, and a serious famine.
Florentine said she recruited Staymates in 2000 to help the hospital start a fine needle aspiration walk-in clinic in its ambulatory care center.
Just bring a can of spinach to your local Marco's Pizza location on March 26 and receive a FREE Medium Grilled Chicken Florentine pizza, made with garden-fresh spinach.
A Great & Wretched City: Promise and Failure in Machiavelli's Florentine Political Thought, by Mark Jurdjevic.
Milner of the University of Manchester found it while researching Florentine town criers in the 15th to early 16th centuries.
In florentine Fleximold[R], distribute 1 tablespoon of mixture into each cavity.
The agency deployed in writing such epistles, using the tools and parameters of Florentine culture to distinguish oneself, McLean argues fostered the evolution of the modern sense of self: "we can see the beginning traces of ourselves in the techniques the letter writers employed to obtain advancement and recognition through their cultural agency in the domain of patronage seeking" (xiii).
In this essay, I communicate the first results of my research on the Florentine wool guild, the Arte della Lana, with a focus on the strategies adopted by producers to overcome the difficulties affecting the city's wool textile industry during the sixteenth century.
He notes evidence of the Florentine government's recorded approvals of codes and revisions negotiated by towns large and small pertaining to rights and privileges that demonstrate an interest by the subject populations in participating in the shared "honor" of Florentine citizenship and, in turn, Florence's recognition of local prerogatives and legal traditions.
announces the addition of two options to its diverse product portfolio: Long Grain & Wild Rice Herb Roasted Chicken and Long Grain & Wild Rice Sun-Dried Tomato Florentine.
Education and society in Florentine Tuscany; teachers, pupils and schools, c.