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a city in central Italy on the Arno


a town in northeast South Carolina

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As for the State, I think our state of Florence Needs no adulterous pilot at its helm.
So Miss Lavish proceeded through the streets of the city of Florence, short, fidgety, and playful as a kitten, though without a kitten's grace.
But Miss Lavish had said so much about knowing her Florence by heart, that Lucy had followed her with no misgivings.
Her first morning was ruined, and she might never be in Florence again.
She and Madame de Cruchecassee kept house at Florence together.
So Becky, who had arrived in the diligence from Florence, and was lodged at an inn in a very modest way, got a card for Prince Polonia's entertainment, and her maid dressed her with unusual care, and she went to this fine ball leaning on the arm of Major Loder, with whom she happened to be travelling at the time--(the same man who shot Prince Ravoli at Naples the next year, and was caned by Sir John Buckskin for carrying four kings in his hat besides those which he used in playing at ecarte )--and this pair went into the rooms together, and Becky saw a number of old faces which she remembered in happier days, when she was not innocent, but not found out.
But by that time the Bride was near the end of the first day's journey towards Florence.
They sat in their equipage of state, with Mrs General on the box, for three weeks longer, and then he started for Florence to join Fanny.
Adele's broken heart made her a star after her troubled love life inspired album 21, which has sold more New flame: Florence than 17 million copies worldwide.
Consumers in the Florence area who choose to purchase or lease a new 2015 Volkswagen Jetta or 2015 Volkswagen Passat will receive a $500 Memorial Day Bonus.
The offer includes three nights accommodation at the Brunelleschi in Florence on a B&B basis, followed by a further seven nights at the four star Palace Hotel on the Tuscany Coast on a B&B basis.
Measure 20-224 would make Florence the seventh city in Lane County to collect a gas tax.
In January, I suggested that we came back to Coventry to spend our anniversary and Florence said "no" but she eventually came round to the idea," said Don, aged 79.
Sibley, in First Lady Florence Harding: Behind the Tragedy and Controversy, has tackled the difficult task of writing an honest biography of Florence Harding, the wife of Warren G.
At 14, Florence left school to help look after her younger siblings.